A workspace that’s well-stocked and organized makes garden chores a breeze

Watering a plant from a watering can next to a sign that says “Hooray! It’s Spring! I’m so happy I wet my plants”
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Whether you call it a potting bench, propagation area, or transplant table, a gardener needs a dedicated space to perform all those tasks — sowing seeds, planting containers, cleaning tools, and much more — that require a clear, flat surface and easy access to your tools and supplies. …

Choosing the right trees and growing conditions is key to a bountiful harvest

Photo by Claire Splan

You don’t need to have acres of land to have a successful fruit orchard. By selecting the right varieties, utilizing space-saving planting techniques, and employing simple garden practices, you can grow numerous types of fruit in a relatively small garden and keep your fruit bowl overflowing with home-grown fresh produce.

What you need to know before buying

Treat pest and disease problems early with a dormant tree spray

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Leaf curl. Fireblight. Rust. Aphids. Mites. If you’ve had a serious problem with these or other diseases or pests on any of your deciduous fruit trees, the best remedy is often to spray the tree while it is in its dormant state.

What to spray

Dormant sprays can be fungicides, horticultural oils, or…

Planting bare-root roses is the best and most cost-efficient way to make your spring and summer bloom like mad

Photo by Daphné Be Frenchie on Unsplash

If your garden dreams include a lush and colorful rose garden, the best time to plan and plant it is in the winter months when bare-root roses are available in local and mail-order nurseries.

Bare-root roses are dormant bushes that are packaged and shipped without a container. Shipping the plants…

Brighten your life and your garden by planting a citrus tree

Photo by Bon Vivant on Unsplash

Citrus trees are one of my favorite choices for almost any garden. They are evergreen, prolific, and relatively low maintenance. And they just make a garden look sunnier!

Selecting and planting

In climates where frosts do not occur, citrus (Citrus spp.) can be planted at any time. Elsewhere, plant trees in early spring.

Follow these basic steps to be a more successful seed-starter!

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Growing most plants from seed is easy as long as you provide the basics that all plants require — soil, heat, light, and water — and then avoid a few common pitfalls.

The Basics

1. Begin by purchasing a commercial seed-starting medium or mixing your own blend. Whichever you way you decide…

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